What is Network Latency?

You may be wondering what network latency is? The answer to that question is very varied and depends on many factors. Latency ranges are not the same for every network and depends on the application. VoIP needs lower latency, while video requires higher latency. Network administrators must consider these factors and allocate bandwidth accordingly. A latency that exceeds this range will not be effective and will make it difficult for your business to operate.


Digital marketing can be defined as advertising with the help of digital channels such as websites, email, mobile apps, and search engines. Through such channels, companies endorse certain services, products or even brands. Most consumers around the world make use of digital platforms to research services and products.

According to research, 48 per cent of consumers use search engines to search for a particular product or service. Those that use brand websites are 33 per cent while 26 per cent use the mobile app to search for the brand products.

Components of Digital Marketing


Do Neoprene Seat Covers Smell?

Neoprene seat covers do not have a natural smell, but they can start to smell over time if you are not taking care of them. There are a few myths listed below that you need to read before you start buying seat covers for your vehicle. You may think that these seat covers are invincible, but that is not the case. A neoprene seat cover is a good way to protect the seats in your car, but that is not the end of the story.

Neoprene Seat Covers Are Waterproof

You may purchase neoprene that markets itself as water-resistant, but that does not mean that the cover will never absorb water. For the most part, water beads on the fabric. You can wipe the water away from the fabric, but some water will be absorbed by the fabric.

Because of this, water will seep into the fabric. As the water sits in the fabric, it will begin to smell. You need to wash your seat covers every few weeks to ensure that they do not begin to smell. If you assume that seat covers ever take on water, you will notice an odd smell in your car because you did wash the covers.

Neoprene wetsuit

A lot of don’t know where to begin if you are searching for a fantastic wet suit. Whether it be for diving or surfing, most of us want the exact same thing. Regrettably, most manufacturers of wet suits arrive at a really uneasy fit and are made from so much neoprene rubber which going becomes nearly robotic.

So what exactly can you look for when buying a wet suit? In my private opinion brand is essential. You’ll realize that some manufacturers have defects whereas others possess standard very good features throughout. They’re produced from less rubber compared to ordinary wet suits that makes motion far simpler.


The ingredients Required for Rubber Processing are Chemicals like Sulphur, Zinc Oxide, TMT, Titanium, MBTS. Minerals like Calcium Carbonate, Carbon. Processing oil named RPO (Rubber Processing Oil), these ingredients are mixed together with Rubber processing machines including Ban-bury mix, Kneader machine, mixing mills, calendaring machine, extrude machine, hydraulic press, roto-cure & cooling .
There are two types of Rubber available specifically Natural, Synthetic. Natural rubber is derived from Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis) after processing of milk kind of material emptied from rubber tree (called Latex).

Artificial Rubber is a petroleum based product, manufactured with content derived from crude petroleum & with the inclusion of certain chemicals by means of Industrial application. There are varieties of synthetic Rubber available in marketplace like Chloroprene (Neoprene), Silicone, EPDM, Fluoro-elastomer, Nitrile, Hypalon, Butyl, these grades differs with regards to there application & specifications,
For example- Neoprene – is resistant to Oil, Acid, Alkalies, hydrocarbons and are heat resistant.